Collegae legden onlangs de hand op onderstaande tekst die Marshall Rosenberg schreef in 1970! Wil je een vertaling? Laat het mij even weten en ik stuur het je toe.

From now on, I choose to dream my own dreams. So that I can fully taste the mystical excitement of being human.

From now on, I choose to emphatically connect with others. So that I can fully respect the unique and holy experience to be found in each person every moment.

From now on, I choose to have my actions flow from connection with nature and to direct my attention where it supports this flow.

From now on, I choose to be aware of the unchosen, dehumanizing thoughts my culture planted within me, and to prevent them from leading me into robot-like, violent actions.

From now on, I choose to openly reveal what is alive within me, even though others may not appreciate the gift.

From now on, when wearing a title of authority, I choose to be aware that reaching frontiers before others never justifies punitive means to influence them to join me.

From now on, I choose to believe that the failure of our needs to be fulfilled results from insufficient dialogue and creativity, rather than scarcity.

Marshall Rosenberg, 1970 Great Lives: Marshall Rosenberg Tony Hawks, a British comedian, chose Marshall Rosenberg as the ‘great life’ for this 30 minute BBC Radio 4 programme.

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