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Ayiesh is een organisatie die zich inzet voor Syrië en ze produceerde een voor mij indringend filmpje. Ayiesh vroeg mij om ook mijn capaciteiten aldaar in te zetten. De statements in deze korte presentatie hebben mij ontroerd, omdat voor mij bevestigd werd dat de VC boodschap werd ontvangen, begrepen en als toepasbaar werd ervaren.

Leah Wolfthal

I’m Leah Wolfthal, Executive Director of Ayeish. When I was 14 or 15, my high school English teacher told my parents at a parent-teacher conference he thought I would be the first female president(!). That changed my life, and I spent the next 10+ years in school and jobs toward the path of elected leadership. But after participating in a number of tough mediation trainings about using self-awareness and empathy to bring stakeholders together and really solve our critical challenges, I realized it wasn’t going to be enough for me to run for office and try to change politics by modelling a different way of getting things done — it would take serious skill-building and time on the part of other political leaders as well. So, in collaboration with these trainers, I started Ayeish! (A nonprofit 501c3.)

At Ayeish, we’re offering a new way of doing politics.

It isn’t enough to want politics – or our leaders – to change. It takes daily work to change our deeply-ingrained responses and tactics to ones that bring clarity and light to darkness.

We’re a startup nonprofit offering strategy engagement and skill-building workshops focused on tools to access real empathy and self-awareness despite crisis or intensity, and then to build together solutions that work for everyone.

We are not only working in some targeted high-risk and high-casualty international conflict zones; we’re building programs at multiple levels of the U.S. government, as well.

Please join us! We can only do this together.


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